Bencros provides a range of technical resources and services to support our clients. We are here to help and will always do our utmost to assist.


Speak to Bencros about your specific project requirements. We can guide you on the best fender types, layout and fixing options.

Our production setup means we can competitively manufacture one-off designs or large volumes. Bencros can also recreate legacy fenders as spare parts for systems which are no longer produced and/or obsolete.


Bencros test fenders at our factory and externally, depending on the project requirements.

We follow established international methods and standards, agreeing protocols with customers according to their needs and budget.


Bencros manufacture in a wide range of elastomers.

The most commonly used rubbers have standard data sheets. If you have special material requirements, please discuss these with us. We will be happy to guide you on the most appropriate elastomer for your applications.

Energy Calculation

Our energy calculation spreadsheet helps users to estimate the kinetic energy of berthing ships in most common scenarios using BS6349 and PIANC methods.

The underlying ship tables are adopted from PIANC WG121 and can be interpolated by length, beam, laden draft and other parameters. Users can choose open, semi-open or closed structures, also select the preferred method for Added Mass coefficient.