Cylindrical Fenders

Dock Fenders

Cylindrical Fenders are one of the most common and trusted product types in the industry, having protected and supported ships & harbours for decades.

 With a shape that is easy to install - and methods depending on the size - they are highly preferable for any berthing due to their malleable reaction & versatility.
Bencros offers a huge range of industry standard sizes, along with the facility to customise any reasonable size to suit and match any application or requirement.

From dock & harbour installations, to Tug & workboat fittings - Cylindrical fenders are a consistent part of marine protection projects worldwide and all year round.

  • Outside diameters from 100mm to 2700mm
  • Various OD/ID ratios
  • Long lengths available
  • Wrapped, moulded and extruded variants
  • NR-SBR or EPDM compounds (please discuss with Bencros)
  • Support chains, brackets, bars and anchors on request