Uzmar continues trust in Bencros supply

Uzmar continues trust in Bencros supply

Following successful orders for 6 tug sets in 2019, Bencros are delighted to announce that renowned marine supplier Uzmar Shipbuilding Co. have this week confirmed a new order for 4 identical sister vessels for immediate production.

Bencros, with our trusted Turkish agent ARTI Denizcilik, have worked to expand our reputation and product range to suit the tug & workboat industry that Turkey is well known for in the Marine sector; with over 75 shipyards across the country.

The Vessels - like previous projects including Svitzer Redhead & Svitzer Ruby (Supplied & Delivered to home ports in Australia) - are over 33M in Length (LOA) and have been designed by reputable Canadian naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd.
Bencros Tug Cylindrical, Tug W-Fenders, and Tug-Belting DC Fenders will be supplied to suit another impressive specification which will add to the respected fleet of vessels already produced by our friends & colleagues at Uzmar.

With highly sought after contracts for both Uzmar and RMK shipyards being awarded to Bencros over the last 12 months, we are proud to confirm this repeat order that is testament to our previous supply of excellent European quality fenders at extremely competitive pricing.


Should you have any inquiries or questions relating to our extensive range of Tug & Workboat fenders, please do contact our sales team.

Bencros complete RMK Shipyard Tug-Design project

Bencros complete RMK Shipyard Tug-Design project

Bencros are delighted to confirm the successful completion of another tug fender project for the Turkish shipbuilding market.
As of March 27 2020 - both vessels (T-DAMLA 8 & T-DAMLA 9) were delivered to their respective berthing ports.

Following a competitive tender auction in April 2019, Bencros - in partnership with our official Turkish agent ARTI Denizcilik - secured a flagship project to provide Turkish shipbuilder RMK Marine with the complete fender sets suited to specification for two new 70-tonne bollard pull tugs acc. to Robert Allan Ltd ASD design.

They are 25.4 metres long, have a width of 11.8 metres, and a depth of 4.6 metres. Twin MTU 16V4000M63L 2,240kW diesel engines deliver a sailing speed of 12 knots. The tugs are also equipped with diesel-driven firefighting pumps for their onboard FiFi1 systems mounted on the main engines.

The primary bow fenders are an impressive 1000mm diameter at the centre, reducing in tapers to 800mm then 600mm diameter along the vessel’s shoulders. Overall, each fender measures an amazing 27 metres long.

Bow and stern of the tugs are further protected by Bencros W480x300 block fenders, custom cut to fit the vessel lines. Along both Port and Starboard sides are 300mm D-fenders to complete the package. 

Following delivery, we - in coalition with ARTI; are pleased to have received commendations from RMK on the efficiency of the supply, and look forward to any future tug projects with them in the future.

Uzmar's Latest Tug Fenders

State of the art sisters; Svitzer Redhead and Svitzer Ruby - both fitted with Bencros Tug Fenders - have just passed the 1 year mark in service at their respective ports Kembla & Fremantle in Australia. 

Bencros continues its excellent relationship with Uzmar Shipyard in Istanbul, in coalition with ARTI Denizcilik, and following this flagship supply are preparing despatch of replica tug sets for new vessels in May 2020.

This continued produce for one of the worlds most respected and impressive shipbuilding yards is testament to the quality and consistency of Bencros tug fenders. 
We hope to announce a new project in partnership with Uzmar in the coming months!

Bencros secure Bovill&Boyd Piggy-Back contract

Bencros is pleased to announce that; following factory support on design & compound, it has been given the green light on a large project supply of Rubber Piggy-Back blocks for Scottish-based engineers Bovill&Boyd Ltd.

With a substantial quantity of over 13,000+ blocks, Bencros will be dispatching the first split shipment of 50% within the coming weeks.

The rubber blocks - being produced with Bencros standard SBR Natural compound - are designed with a split 2-part design, a 25mm stand off and 101mm diameter for pile installation, with a total shipping weight of over 70 tonnes.

This is a fantastic project to be a part of and we are proud to show what we can do with our robust and expansive offshore/industrial range of products.

We congratulate Bovill&Boyd once again, and are looking forward to fulfilling the remainder of the contract supply on time for installation.


If you have any enquiries regarding rubber or indeed polyurethane piggyback blocks, please do contact us.

East Cowes RoRo Project (UK)

Following an extensive tender selection & design process, Bencros - in partnership with Ship2Shore engineering - successfully delivered a full scale restructure of Red Funnel East Cowes pontoon for Red7 Marine in March 2019.

Now installed & equipped with Bencros Cone system's, including custom designed steel facings and accessories to suit & UHMW-PE shield facings, the RoRo berth development now looks mightily impressive and has been fully operational for a calendar year.

Bencros also supplied 2 Polyurethane Foam-Core Donut fenders - provided in Yellow colour as seen on the images above - to protect the Piles at the busy ferry docking location.

All in all, this was a highly technical and challenging project specification-wise that Bencros and S2S come away from with delight at supplying. Our collaboration has been thanked and regularly praised for the smooth execution and high quality products provided - and we are grateful to Red7 for the opportunity to showcase what Bencros can do on high scale, technical projects.

We look forward to similar work, and hope to be involved with Red7 Marine in the future.