Multi-Purpose Fenders

There are a huge range of industry standard fenders that are used on more than one type of application; we refer to these as multi-purpose fenders.
From repair work to full specifications, multi purpose fenders are often the most commonly requested in the market - from Quayside Composite Fenders to basic 'D' shapes.

In addition to a huge range of multi purpose fenders, Bencros has an experienced factory-floor workforce who customise and tailor our products day by day to suit the end clients requirements. From our very own manufacturing facility in the heart of Europe we offer various 'post production' services such as drilling, chamfering & more.

For more information on these - please see our Custom Profile page.


Multi-purpose fenders come in a range of sizes from 100mm to 1800mm depending on the profile and application required.
At Bencros, we are constantly developing manufacturing methods to produce with consistent high quality and to move with the industry trend of 'larger' and more robust profiles to suit modern applications. 

Pre-Bent and formed fenders are often required to suit angled berths, and Bencros has extensive experience in producing such profiles for some of the largest contractors worldwide.